Dracula game res
Toby hynes dracula game res 01
Toby hynes dracula game res 03 web
Toby hynes dracula game res 02
Toby hynes dracula game res 01 wire web
Dracula game res

Here is the final textured game res Dracula bust. Hi res sculpt in Zbrush (see earlier post) re-top in Zbrush and Max. Rendered using VRay in Max.
The goal with this personal project was to make a stylised, non-photo realistic character. There are no photo sourced textures on this chap. It’s all scratch painted.
I wanted the texture to look realistic, but also have a painted quality that would make people wonder if the render was a 2D painting.
I gathered ref for Victorian clothing to see how a gent would style himself and tried to get the variation of materials on his clothing, incorporating silks, felt etc plus embroidered patterns (in the styles that were fashionable then).
The bust is just over 15k tris all in.

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