Zbrush Rough Sculpts
Toby hynes frankie 04


Toby hynes alien 01

Doom Demon

Toby hynes elf girl wip

Elf Girl

Toby hynes kratos 02


Toby hynes big cat 01

Big Cat Beast

Toby hynes beastman 04


Toby hynes alien 02

Nose Alien

Toby hynes alien 03

Taster Alien

Toby hynes alien 05

Ears Alien

Toby hynes dragon 01


Toby hynes wood troll 01

Wood Troll

Toby hynes medusa 01


Toby hynes raven 01


Zbrush Rough Sculpts

I do these speed sculpts and roughs to keep my imagination and Zbrush skills sharp. They are mostly done on train journeys, with the only reference to hand being whatever is kicking around my memory banks. All started from a poly sphere and 'Dynameshed' from there.

More artwork
Toby hynes demon 09Toby hynes gargoyle 01Toby hynes rhino wip 21 01 19 01