Zbrush rough sculpts continued
Toby hynes dog faced bat 04

Dog Faced Bat

Toby hynes skrull wip


Toby hynes creature 02

Alien tough

Toby hynes helmet wip 01

Sci Fi helmet rough

Toby hynes viking speedsculpt

Viking speed sculpt

Toby hynes hex sketch 01

Stylised hero

Toby hynes fly guy 01

Fly Guy

Toby hynes witch 02

'I'll get you, my pretty...'

Toby hynes skull 01

Silver Skull

Zbrush rough sculpts continued

More speed sculpts and roughs from my commute to and from work. All started from a sphere using Dynamesh.

More artwork
Toby hynes toby hynes demon 01Toby hynes gargoyle 01Toby hynes rhino wip 21 01 19 01